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Can Washers

Since 1965, Cincinnati Industrial Machinery (CIM) is the leader in the beverage and food can washing business.
As a pioneer in the two-piece aluminum and steel can processing technology, CIM has more than 450 processing machines installed worldwide.

Cincinnati Industrial Machinery (CIM) is the pioneer in two-piece aluminum and steel can processing technology. CIM has six decades of experience designing and building equipment for cleaning, drying, and curing food and beverage containers. We made the industry’s first two-piece can washer in the 1960s and since then have cleaned trillions of aluminum and steel cans.

CIM has installed more than 450 can processing machines worldwide. As the world’s most experienced manufacturer of can washers, wash coaters, industrial ovens, and industrial dryers, we can provide your company with the options you need to match the custom conditions of any can line. Our experienced engineers and industrial designers are responsible for the major advancements in can washing and drying found in today’s machines throughout the industry.

By combining internal and external can curing technologies, we provide you with a competitive advantage that cannot be found anywhere else.

Side Load Commercial Washers Can Washer Cans Conveyor Belt

• Washers range in capability from 1,000 to 6,000 cans per minute
• Can washer/dryer designed to accommodate all can height/can
  diameter combinations
• Energy efficient design including premium efficiency motors,
  thermal insulation, VFD motor control, low operating
  temperatures, optimized pump, and fan selections

• Water-saving features such as belt moisture eliminators, oil
  coalescers, and enhanced rinse stages
• All stainless-steel construction available for lasting durability
• OEM parts, service, and outstanding warranty
• 24/7 continuous equipment operation
• Experience working with worldwide Fortune 100 customers

The CIM Advantage

  • Expertise and experience in business since 1965, a pioneer in two-piece aluminum and steel can processing technology
  • Industry proven long term reliability with hundreds of machines still in operation with high uptime performance after more than 40 years of production
  • Largest customer base with over 450 processing machines installed worldwide
  • Operations in both the USA and China
  • Fastest can size changeover time with patented
    Automatic Quick Adjust System

    (Patents:  us 10,702,900 & us 11,161,159)

  • Complete lines of a two-piece can washer container equipment including washers, washcoaters, IBO’s, and pin ovens

As the pioneer and leader in can washing, we can support new can lines to increase your plant’s productivity to address today’s growth demand